The World’s Best Exhibitor Manual is so Much More Than an Exhibitor Manual

Why the Copycats Will Never Be Anything Close to XpoBay

The XpoBay platform has been inspired by people like you. Some of the best people in the world of exhibitions and trade shows have used XpoBay as their event hub. Some of these events have been relatively stock standard, but others have been highly complex and bespoke. 

For 13 years these industry leaders have been calling us and saying, “hey… our event needs to do something highly specific yet incredibly valuable. Can you help?” If we didn’t have the functionality we would get to work and build it, finding an elegant and simple way to integrate that new functionality into the platform. 13 years of these innovative phone calls and we’ve covered close to everything you can dream of. But we love a great idea and a challenge so we are hoping you will come up with something awesome you want XpoBay to do. In the extremely rare case that it doesn’t already exist inside the hub, we’ll build it… often in a couple days but always for your next show. 

It’s for this reason that new imitators who have come onto the market in the past couple years will never be anywhere close to XpoBay. And with XpoBay’s organic structure and constant “dev” (development) they simply fall further and further behind every day. 

Did you know that the tech behind XpoBay is 10x more advanced than what is needed for ticketing and registration? So if ticketing & reg companies only make a fraction of their revenue from their “very average” (or worse) exhibitor manuals, there’s no incentive to do the massive research and development to make a state of the art system like XpoBay.


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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

If you’re wondering why we are so confident that XpoBay is the best online Event Hub in the world it began with our inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote- Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

You see, the easiest way to make something work in software development is to smack together tons of complexity with more code piled on top to fix what’s not working from the original mess. Imagine that it’s easier to make a bowl of spaghetti than it is to make a straight line of string. Much easier. That’s why your current SAAS in every part of your business crashes, shows error messages, fails to perform tasks, or leaves you for countless hours in your week staring at a digital wheel going round and round on your screen.

What takes vision, planning, and unrelenting standards is creating something so simple, elegant, and stable that it never crashes. Something so intuitive it knows what you want before you even ask for it, so clear that it communicates effortlessly with your user in whatever language you choose and effortlessly connects to your tech stack so you never have to repeat a data input, a graphic, or any other digital resource across your tech ever again. This is what XpoBay has been refining for over a decade and why no other exhibitor manual or event portal in the world comes close to XpoBay.

In the vast landscape of software platforms, three cardinal sins often lead to their downfall: makeshift origins, lack of a true artisanal team, and the glaring absence of a guiding visionary. While many fall victim to these pitfalls, XpoBay stands as a beacon of what’s possible when passion meets precision.

Choose XpoBay

While many software platforms started as makeshift solutions, retrofitted to fill a gap, XpoBay was meticulously designed from the ground up. Every feature, every interface, every line of code was implemented with a definitive purpose. Think of it not just as the Mercedes of software but as a custom-built supercar – sleek, powerful, and precision-engineered for performance.

And behind this innovation is not just technology, but a world-class team. In an industry filled with makeshift solutions and makeshift teams, we understood the paramount importance of assembling a group of elite software artisans. These aren’t just any developers; they are maestros in their domain, and with their expertise, XpoBay was sculpted to be intuitive, stable, and a sheer pleasure to use.

Integration woes? A thing of the past. With its forward-thinking architecture, XpoBay seamlessly fits into your tech ecosystem, eliminating the typical hiccups you’ve come to expect from other platforms.

So, when you’re navigating through XpoBay’s intuitive dashboard or marvelling at its flawless functionality, know that you’re experiencing a product of vision, dedication, and unparalleled expertise. In a world full of jalopies, choose to drive with the best. Choose XpoBay.

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Why the Copycats Will Never Be Anything Close to XpoBay

There are 3 reasons why most software you use is either clunky or unstable, pops up with error messages, is difficult to navigate and struggles to integrate with your other systems.

Why XpoBay is the Best Exhibitor Manual in the World

You work all year long and spend millions of dollars on your events which usually occur over just one or two days. How important is it for you that everything works with stability and perfection leading up to and on your event? More importantly, how important is it for you to be able to sleep at night, knowing that, for less than the price of a stand in your show, your event is being carried by the most advanced, stable, reliable event portal in the world? ‘Very important’ you say? We believe it’s imperative. And, it’s what drives us every day to keep developing XpoBay in order to take your event to another level. So, when you’re navigating XpoBay’s intuitive dashboard or marvelling at its impeccable performance, remember that you’re not just using a product – you’re experiencing a vision come to life. In a world riddled with software jalopies, choose the drive of distinction.