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Online Exhibitor Manual Software

Enteractive's online exhibitor manual software is easy to use and makes exhibiting a breeze.

Create you own webforms in minutes, upload documents & marketing materials and track your success with granular reporting. Add exhibitors and invite them to login using our powerful email marketing tool.

With 15 years in the events industry, our unique insight has resulted in the easiet-to-use manual for organisers and exhibitors.

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Our mantra is: "MAKING EXHIBITING EASIER" and that's what we focus on - every day. By leveraging the best exhibitor manual software available in the world today - exhibiting will be a breeze for your exhibitors.

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Fully branded

Your manual, forms & emails are all branded to match your event's corporate identity.

Online form builder

Build complex forms & collect any information or files. Download this information at any time.

Exhibitor segmentation

Exhibitor segments mean your exhibitors see only the appropriate forms & files.

In-depth reporting

Drill down into reports on each form you create and search across any or all exhibitors.

Reporting snapshot

See an overview of total forms completed at any time to track your progress.

Upload files

Add files like your A-Z, bump-in info and Risk Assessment files for example.

Marketing materials

Import logos/banner/marketing materials so exhibitors can help market your event.

Email marketing

Send emails to all exhibitors or select groups of exhibitors using advanced reporting.


Welcome email

Create your fully branded welcome email & allowing one-click login and personalisation.

Reminder emails

Email reminders to exhibitors who have not completed forms by your prescribed time.

Welcome page

Create your welcome page for exhibitors and add text, images & add sponsor logos etc.

Additional services

Sell additional services like internet connection, stand furniture or stand construction.



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We'd love to hear from you! We help create the best exhibitor manual for your event in the shortest possible time. Both organisers and exhibitors love our manuals! If you have something special you need or would like to schedule a demo - please get in touch today.

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About Enteractive

We love events and have been involved in the event industry for over 15 years. Our unique insight into events has allowed us to create an incredibly intuitive but powerful exhibitor manual that you'll be thrilled to use. We guarantee that you'll love it - or we'll provide you with a 100% refund.