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Create awesome events with the world's easiest-to-use online exhibitor manual

Welcome to XPOBAY - the world's best online exhibitor manual that increases exhibitor satisfaction, enhances exhibitor retention, and saves exhibition organisers time and money. Big time.

Start in just hours — no IT department required

Set-up a beautifully branded exhibitor manual for your event with ease. Create forms, pages and add your logo and colour palette to create a stunning, modern manual for your exhibitors. Our setup is so easy you can do it without an IT department or consulting help.

A beautiful manual on any device

Busy exhibitors need access to critical event information on their mobile phone. XPOBAY manuals are mobile friendly right out of the box. Ditch clumsy PDF's and replace them with a mobile friendly, searchable resource for your exhibitors.

Work collaboratively and get more done

XPOBAY's user management system lets you to give staff and stakeholders access to the exact areas of the manual needed. Give your sales team access to exhibitor contact info and your marketing team access to XPOBAY's marketing tools.

Ditch repetitive tasks and make exhibiting a breeze.

XPOBAY makes exhibitions easier. Eliminate calls and emails from confused exhibitors. Import content in just a few clicks. Increase form completion rates with automated reminder emails. XPOBAY lets you focus on selling stands and creating killer content.

Improve your bottom line

XPOBAY saves organisers time & money on set-up, support & development. With XPOBAY you can transform your exhibitor manual into an elegant, searchable and 100% relevant mobile friendly resource for your exhibitors. Our clients report increased exhibitor satisfaction & retention when using XPOBAY.

Speak anyone's language

XPOBAY's multi language capability means that you can build a manual in two or more languages. All pages, forms and other content works perfectly in your chosen languages. Your event becomes truly international. Expanding yous sales channels and reduce exhibitor support headaches.

Benefits to you

XPOBAY brings tremendous value to Exhibition Organisers.
Here are just a few examples.

Save tons of time

Import pages and forms in a snap & remind your exhibitors to complete forms automatically.

Increase retention

By making exhibiting easier for your exhibitors - you'll retain more exhibitors over time.

Decrease expenditure

XPOBAY allows you to create manuals yourself quickly and easily without expensive programmers.

Gain deeper insight

Built in reporting allows you to access any information you need and save reports for future use.

Build revenue

Increase your revenue by selling ad space, social media programs, insurance and more.

Sell more stands

XPOBAY gives you more time to focus on selling stands & creating killer content for your event.

Integrate Salesforce®

XPOBAY's Salesforce® integration allows users to save tons of time and reduce errors.

Empower your team

Give targetted access to team members and let vendors login to access form data (and save time!).

Remove support pain

XPOBAY gives you more time to focus on selling stands & creating killer content for your event.

Benfits to your exhibitors

Exhibitor Manuals are often thought of as a neccessary evil.
At XPOBAY - we think of them as a valuable resource.

No more confusion

Create 100% relevant content for each exhibitor. Exhibitors see exactly what they need to know - and nothing they don't.

Mobile access

All XPOBAY manuals are automatically support mobile phones so busy exhibitors can access info on-the-go.

No login required

Let exhibitors access critical event information without logging in - such as organiser contact details and bump-in times.

Quick search

XPOBAY comes with a built-in search function allowing exhibitors to search for any info they need.

Multiple languages

Create manuals in multiple languages for international events making exhibiting easier and reducing support requests.

Organised layout

XPOBAY's organised layout makes finding information much easier for exhibitors. Say goodbye to ugly & clunky manuals!

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