Our Mission

Our mission is "making exhibitions easier" and that's what we focus on every day. We continue to work with organisers and exhibitors alike to glean feedback on each event to ensure that XPOBAY is not only the best, but is constantly improving. By working with XPOBAY, you'll be able to provide us with feedback – which is often integrated into the XPOBAY system.


XPOBAY's Salesforce® integration allows users to reduce data errors, minimize IT expenditures, and realize their goal of having fully integrated and synchronized customer information across businesses processes required to manage exhibitions.

To achieve the best possible experience for your customers each time they interact with your company, it is critical that information from all customer-facing activities be fully integrated. Manual business processes are time-consuming, error-prone and often the result of disconnected systems with duplicated customer information that is not easily shared and updated.

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