• Participants received a 100+ page PDF exhibitor manual full of general information
  • Event creators drew up enormous spreadsheets full of columns and rows for every single participant
  • Exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors struggled to keep track of the tasks they needed to complete
  • Organisers struggled to manage the full list of speakers, sponsors, and event-goers using multiple programs
  • Creating user accounts was a time-consuming and potentially insecure process
  • Managing outreach emails, content campaigns, and meeting deadlines required hours of busywork
  • Organisers needed to wait for their providers to create or update the necessary pages & forms


  • Participants are prompted to sign up using smart forms and are only shown content relevant to them
  • Participant information can easily be collected, stored, and reused, with no complex spreadsheets required
  • Straightforward checklists make it obvious what needs to be done in order to complete the onboarding process
  • Organisers keep track of every single participant in one centralised, intuitive space, cutting down on time and stress
  • User creation is made radically simple with an API that keeps everyone’s data safe, all the time
  • Whipping up email campaigns is simple with beautiful templates and automated reminders to keep everyone on target
  • You can create all the content you need yourself, saving time and allowing you to run your event the way you need to